Gnome skulk


Agrid is a gnome skulk with two trained guard drakes as bodyguards. Agrid was killed by Content Not Found: Dolemite at the burial site south of Winterhaven. His guard drakes are named Peppa and Spice.


Years ago, Agrid got on the bad side of the Stone Fist Academy when he snatched their golden Arkhosian idol from the Academy temple. Hayes told Content Not Found: Dolemite to keep an eye out for Agrid while traveling west to Winterhaven and to try to recover the idol. Agrid had greatly disrespected the Stone Fists by stealing the idol.

Agrid, acting on a mysterious entity’s orders, captured Douven Stahl and held him hostage so that he and his Bullywug henchmen could continue to excavate the burial site. MAZE Enterprises found the site and killed Agrid, the Bullywugs, and destroyed the entity. Unfortunately for Dolemite, the golden Arkhosian idol was nowhere to be found.


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