Douven Stahl


Dovuen Stahl, explorer extroardinaire, is a captain of the Wayfinders, a scholar and an archaeologist. He wears a traveler’s cloak and a tri-corner hat, is friendly and warm and always willing to give his help to anyone who needs it.


Douven Stahl became a member of the Wayfinders at university and spent much of his career adventuring as a Wayfinder agent. He was the leader of a small team of Wayfinder agents who once traveled to the Far Realm itself. Upon their return, the entire team was promoted to captain and taken off of active combat duty. Douven has trained a number of young adventurers, including Content Not Found: krukis, in hopes of their becoming members of the Wayfinders.

On recent assignment from the Wayfinders, Douven discovered the mysterious keep north of Winterhaven. The keep interested him because it seemingly served no tactical use and provided advantage in the region for the Nerath empire. Douven has learned that a cult of Orcus has infiltrated the keep and intends to open a portal to the Shadowfell.

Before Douven could report his findings to the Wayfinders, he was taken hostage by Agrid the gnome on orders of the mysterious shadow entity. Douven was rescued when MAZE Enterprises found him and killed Agrid and his Bullywug henchmen and destroyed the shadow entity.

After the fight, a grateful Douven informed the adventurers why the Wayfinders had sent him to Winterhaven. Douven believes a cult worshiping Orcus is hard at work within the Old Keep. Douven then conscripted MAZE Enterprises into the Wayfnders and asked them to investigate.

Douven Stahl

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