Lord Padraig

The Lord of Winterhaven and renowned dire game hunter


A tall man with a short trimmed beard and a handlebar mustache, Lord Padraig is the Lord of Winterhaven. He wears a pitch helmet, a monocle, and safari attire complete with knee-high boots with an enormous water canteen and ammo pouch hanging from his belt. He carries his Dire Elephant Crossbow, which is almost as large as a dwarf, everywhere he goes. He can usually be found in the evening enjoying a “cup of brown joy,” known to the rest of the world as tea, at Wrafton’s Inn.

Lord Padraig keeps the Winterhaven economy afloat with his own wealth. He is charged with directorship of the Winterhaven militia. He likes to hunt dire animals and keeps a collection of trophy heads in his quarters in Winterhaven.


Lord Padraig met MAZE Enterprises shortly after their arrival in Winterhaven. He was not surprised the party had been attacked by Kobolds and had a pretty good idea of where their lair is. He drew up a map for the party and offered to pay them 100gp if they would eliminate this menace.

Lord Padraig

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